Jack Pijl

Physical training

I have teamed up with Lifestyle Blueprint who offer coaching programmes for the body and the mind. Their motto is: 

At Lifestyle Blueprint, we help busy people achieve their physical aspirations through outsourced and personalised coaching.”

We know that the body and the mind are connected so why not look after both rather than focussing on just the one. Lifestyle Blueprint offer packages where they help with physical training and connect you to a life coach like myself to work together over a period of time.

The founder Nico, has been on a personal journey for the last 3 years. “I was an unhealthy, overweight and skinny fat binge eating person. Self confidence was low and insecurities were high. I reached some very dark points. Until one day when a person very close to me brought me along to his gym and I found I had a gift and a passion for lifting weights. I’ve been in the gym every day since that day.”

“I want to help people who are at this point in their lives and show them that they can enjoy training. What people get wrong is not realising that it’s different for everybody, it needs to be personalised. What a life coach does is help people build mental resilience, and I think that building physical resilience is another great path to achieve goals – strong body, strong mind is what I believe.”

Lifestyle Blueprint help you achieve your physical aspirations, whether you want to lose fat, gain lean muscle, or even simply be able to play with your kids pain free, they will tailor the program specifically to you.

It is vital to keep in mind the mental aspect. The ‘Iron Mind’ program includes advice and resources on goal setting, meditation and general life planning through coaching. We believe that developing the right mindset is as important as getting in shape.

For further information contact Nico on https://www.lifestyleblueprint.org/