Jack Pijl

How it works

Feeling in control is important, I can help with demystifying your situation so you feel back in control again with a clear plan and pathway for yourself and your team. I provide real life experience to help you make sense of often complex and difficult situations. In the thinking space, I bring awareness and therefore options and choices of how you can move forward.

My clients have learnt how to manage struggles and challenges in areas like:

I can help you through a tailored transition programme that uses coaching, therapy, wellbeing and my own experiences having worked in industry in multiple corporate settings for over 20 years. We will focus on and work with the below 3 step. We start with understanding your challenges, then go through the 4 main stages to reach your desired outcomes. 

This can be done as 1-2-1, pair, group and or team coaching. In partnership we work from your challenges to your desired outcomes moving from the ‘Comfort‘ or ‘Fear Zone’ to the ‘Growth Zone’ as shown below.


My approach

Working as both a coach and psychotherapist it is important to understand the difference between therapy and coaching. Therapy is focussed on the past with the impact on the here and now, and coaching is focussed on the here and now with the impact in the future. Yet, in coaching it can help to understand what ‘habits’ from the past cause you feel stuck in the here and now.

I can both sympathise and empathise with your situation as I understand what change can feel like. I have gone through many transitions and changes myself when I was working in various corporate roles for over 15 years. Through the transition to become a coach I learnt a lot about myself and what happens to people when going through change. I am now excited to share these learnings and experiences with others who find themselves stuck in these situations. What my clients are often looking for is for someone to bring clarity to the situation they find themselves in so they can gain control, awareness and clarity with clear options on how to move forward.

Having an open mind

In coaching it is important to show up with an open mind and the possibility to changing mindsets as to how we approach and think about the issues we have to deal with or the decisions we have to make. Starting with looking at ourselves to understand what is in the way internally, what about ourselves is preventing us to move forward. Understanding internal blockages both emotionally and mentally can be helpful to come up with different approaches to the problems.

You can often feel stuck but you know that not doing anything can be costly. For example, it can cost you your reputation and hurt your ego and pride. Also the business and other people around you will suffer as you might struggle to provide healthy boundaries, a vision and struggle to create psychological safety for the team. This in turn can create chaos in the team and organisation as often nobody understands where they are going and what the goals and objectives are. In these situations you see more staff issues appear and people resigning or ‘quiet quitting’. Ultimately it will cost you time, reputation, money and relationships.

Other clients have felt

My clients have found themselves in places of stuckness, frozen, nowhere to turn to, close to burn out and often in over their head. They have tried everything else, are experiencing closed doors, feel they can’t trust anyone around them, and have no confidential relationships. Also, tactics and techniques that used to work in the past, and expecting other outcomes with the same behaviour don’t work anymore or in the new/changed role they were in.

With my experience I am able to emphasise with your situation and work through these changes by providing useful insight into possible blind spots. With some theoretical models we can make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to create the desired outcome for you and or your team.

In our sessions you will experience a space to think to help you get unstuck, as I believe that the answers are often within you. I bring new and challenging ways to help build your thinking muscle for you to become an independent and critical decision maker. You can then use these skills in between and after coaching sessions to become resourceful and creative.