Jack Pijl


Therapy does not cure you of your personal demons but it can give you the tools to work through the obstacles in your way. I work with my clients to help them build resilience and to be the best version of themselves.

Resilience: positive adaptation in the context of adversity and the ability to resist cracking or breaking under stress.

Psychotherapy can help you with

Dealing with anxiety or stress
Sleeping better and being able to relax
Finding and understanding yourself
Developing your self-belief and self-esteem
Learning to manage your anger
Working on your relationship(s)

About me

I am a Psychotherapist (UKCP accredited) working with individuals promoting mental wellbeing. My practice in Canary Wharf is a 3/4 min walk from West India Quay and Westferry DLR stations. I also offer sessions online/virtual via Zoom.

I will work with you to make meaning of your internal struggles to understand them better by identifying their root causes. This is a collaborative process where I will provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space to explore your inner world and presenting issues. I believe strongly that therapy is a two-way process between client and therapist.

Together we will design the therapeutic journey that is best suited for you. My role is to work with you to identify the most helpful shifts in thinking or behaviour to understand and often manage your feelings, and support you in the process of making changes. We may agree simple tasks or thinking to be done between sessions. (read more)

Therapy, a time to talk,
think & reflect to make effective changes

Short Term

12 weekly sessions for focussed outcomes

Long Term

12 to 24/40 weekly sessions providing space for more exploratary work

Open Ended

Longer term weekly in-depth sessions working without a specific time frame