Executive Coaching, Group Facilitation and Workshops

My original training and background was in Hotel Management and Facilities Management. I have had over 15 years of experience working in industry in a senior management capacity. I have led large, multi-jurisdictional teams and understand the leadership challenges associated with those roles. Over this time, I have gained tremendous knowledge of work related issues from stress, performance anxiety to leadership issues and team development.

I am a director for a boutique consultancy - Blacklight Advisory Ltd,, who specialise in organisation and leadership development.

As a coach, I will work with you, drawing from my experience in industry, to help you with the challenges of your role. Whether you are struggling at work or looking to develop yourself, I can help you gain insight into the patterns of behaviour that impede your performance. We will work together to understand what is holding you back, what are in your 'blind spots' and how you can leverage and build your strengths. Often, I work with leaders looking to build their leadership capability in order to better run their businesses and better manage their teams. 

I am also available to run group work and team sessions. I regularly run sessions with teams on understanding their interpersonal communication styles and I facilitate workshops on raising mental health awareness in corporate organisations.